Live a Zen life through chakra support

Thanks so much for visiting my shop today! It is my intention to provide my customers with the opportunity to live the Zen lifestyle they crave. 

Zen can be described as peaceful and calm. This is a state that all humans should seek! Life can be invigorating and still be peaceful and calm. Find your Zen here. 

I'm an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master who loves to create handcrafted jewelry. I am drawn to beautiful gemstones and I tend to allow the stone to guide the wire wrap for pendants rather than creating a rigid design in my mind. 

I have a vision of a site that offers products that support a healthy chakra system through high quality products, positive intention and reiki energy. 

I send out love and light to all who assisted in the creation of the products in this shop. It is my intention that each person who assisted in the creation of my products, from the miner who unearthed the stones, to those who packaged the raw products, to those who assisted in delivery of the raw products and the USPS professionals who deliver the finished goods, each receives a blessing for their part in my success as a small business owner. 

Shop photo credits go my husband Charlie who is a professional photographer. He owns Mockingbird Imagery which can be found here: />
A portion of all sales goes to charity annually. We continue to support The Unstoppable Foundation. Visit them online to learn more: 

My website is hosted by Etsy. We have the ability to offer products and services here that we can't offer in our Etsy shop, so check back to see what's new!

Thanks again for visiting today! Please reach out with any questions. You'll find handcrafted jewelry and other items to support your chakra system. All products in my shop are infused with reiki energy. They are sourced ethically to my best ability and  I stand behind the quality of every product. I welcome customers to contact me with questions at any time. 

May peace be with all who have visited my site. ~Namaste

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