For years our byline has been Custom made healing energy infused jewelry and other products.  

This was purposeful; I’ve always had every intention to expand the brand. We just needed the right time to do that. Now is the time. We’re ready to begin to drive forward on our pre-determined path. We’re ready to offer more, support more and love more.  

For nearly 8 years we’ve built a caring, loving and devoted customer base who in many cases have become cherished friends. We are so incredibly grateful for each person in our circle. Without them, we could not have come this far.  

Today, we’re ready to say that we have been in the process of locating reputable small businesses with whom we can partner to diversify our offerings in our shop. We sought out businesses with very high integrity who believe in sustainable practices rather than taking the easy path of buying bulk, inexpensive drop shipped items. As the Reiki Master who started this business, I wanted to expand without losing the integrity that I’ve always tried to build into the very fabric of Healing Earth Reiki. I felt that the products would need to come here directly to our studio where they could be evaluated for quality and infused with reiki energy both upon arrival and prior to shipment. So, that’s what we’re doing.  

It’s important to mention that I will definitely continue creating and offering reiki infused jewelry just as I have since 2015. New designs are in progress as we speak! 

Over time, we will add more products that have been inspected for quality, infused with reiki and offered on our website in an effort to support our customers’ Zen journey. As always, we welcome product suggestions, so please let us know what else you would like to see in the shop.  

My husband Charlie and I have other plans for the business during 2023, but we will announce those as each comes to fruition. You will have already noticed that we’ve begun each day with a Zen message for you. We intend to continue sharing inspiration. It’s our hope that these morning posts will inspire you to be just 1% more Zen each day.  

Thank you for all you’ve done to support Healing Earth Reiki. Thank you for feeding my creative passion and inspiring me to do more and to be more.